Chef Of The Month January 2018: Gavin Williams

Gavin Williams ,
Althams New Product Development Chef

With over 29 years of experience in food manufacture and the hotel and restaurant industry to Michelin standard, our NPD Chef Gavin is a dab hand in the kitchen.  Starting as a patisserie chef, Gavin's passion for food saw him progress to develop skills working with meat and other produce within the ready meals industry.  Working in Althams NPD kitchen is enabling him to channel his foodie passion and get to work with great quality meat produce from Althams Butchers supply chain.   He selected Game Pudding as his Dish of the Month to celebrate the Game Season and to share a hearty recipe to see us all through the winter months. 


Game Pudding

Ingredients:  Olive oil 3g; small diced onions 90g; small diced carrots 60g; garlic puree 7g; red wine 90g; port 51g; reduced duck stock 17g; water 201g; dried cranberries 14g; reduced beef stock 30g; water 40g; cornflour 10g; fresh thyme 1g, 1 dried bay leaf; diced pheasant 136g; diced wild boar 136g; diced venison 90g; pancetta 34g; redcurrant jelly 10g.

Add olive oil to a large pan and seal all the meat until golden brown.  Then add the red wine and reduce by half.  Next add the onions, garlic, duck stock, beef stock, water, cranberries, pancetta, fresh thyme, bay leaf and redcurrant jelly.  Cook until the meat is tender; then thicken the sauce with the cornflour.  Chill the puddings while you make your suet pastry.

Suet Pastry
Beef suet 196g; 00 flour 466g; chilled water 333g; salt 2.5g; fresh thyme 1gr; coarse black pepper 1g.
Add all the ingredients to a mixing bowl and turn mixer onto low speed, slowly add water until a smooth ball of dough is achieved.

Assemble your Game Puddings! 

Grease the pudding moulds with butter, then line with the suet pastry.  Add the game pudding mix and place a suet lid on the top, crimping around the edge.  Steam the puddings for 1 hour.